It's your house, and their home away from home. Your guests deserve the best.  They deserve more than just respect, they deserve to be part of your family. You need to entrust your Guest Experience to an event management firm that will provide a once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotten. KTD prides itself on being the most flexible and hardworking event production and staffing agency in the industry.


Keep Thinking Different Event Staffing Services


Brand ambassadors are the direct link between your brand and the guest experience. KTD has always prided itself on hiring trustworthy staff that will make your brand, their brand. The right staff fit your brands identity, but can also speak intelligently to your brand and understand your objectives. Above all else, KTD staff are fan friendly, client friendly and employee friendly.

Join our team and learn how to Keep Thinking Different.  Please feel free to browse our site and contact us if you are looking for work or need someone to staff your event.