Keep Thinking Different has been in the hospitality, production and event staffing industry for over 20 years.  Led by Founder and CEO, David Mathey, Keep Thinking Different continues to grow and evolve into an event standard.  

David Mathey Bio:

Background in musical theater, including performances at Disney, Mathey is a hard-working and people oriented person.   Utilizing his experience in open-wheel racing, corporate hospitality and stage production Mathey expanded into B2C events.  As event marketing took off, Mathey was hired to run major on-road traveling mobile tours that had interactive trailers, activation elements and full time traveling staff.  Experience with on-stage performance allowed him to be an emcee and run sound for all events.  A “jack-of-all-trades” Mathey has taken the positives from all of his experiences and found the BEST practices for event preparation, site layout, on-site production, activation execution and staffing to be successful in any situation.